The working papers we shared on this website are scientific writings of knowledge products cultivated independently by SurveyMETER researchers or collaborative agilities based on self-initiated research activities or synergistically commissioned studies with other institutions. We hope you may distribute this paper in any form. It expects that the great idea of writing can inspire many people.


Estimating the return on investment of policy research and engagement



Is it possible to calculate the return of investment on a research policy project? Well, the Indonesian think tank SurveyMETER and the Knowledge Sector Initiative have given it a go for a policy research project on services and infrastructure for the aging population in the Indonesian municipality of Balikpapan.


Aceh Tsunami, 10 Years After



The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami devastated thousands of communities in countries bordering the Indian Ocean. Destruction was greatest in the Indonesian provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra, where an estimated 170,000 people perished and the environment was damaged along hundreds of kilometers of coastline.


Improving Sanitation at Scale: Lessons from TSSM Implementation



Many people contributed in significant ways to the preparation of this report.
We are extremely grateful to the staff at the Water and Sanitation Programme-East Asia and Pacific office, and the Total Sanitation and Sanitation Marketing (TSSM) team in Indonesia for all the support they provided for this study.


Education, Vulnerability, and Resilience after a Natural Disaster



The extent to which education provides protection in the face of a large-scale natural disaster is investigated.