SurveyMETER has collaborated with national and foreign researchers to conduct numerous scientific research in Indonesia. Most of these studies are longitudinal household research to produce socio-economic datasets credibly used by policymakers and academics in their socio-economic analysis. A number of datasets and study results have become public domain and obtainable and accessed by anyone for free.

Dementia Studies in Yogyakarta

Sunday, 20/12/2015

Community and Facility Survey (KOMFAS) IFLS5 2015

Field data collection of the Community and Facility Survey (Comfas) of the Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS)

Wednesday, 01/04/2015

Studi Lanjut Usia Purworejo (Lansia-CAPI) 2012

Pada Juli 2012 lalu SurveyMETER kembali melakukan ujicoba metode penelitian dengan CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) dalam Studi Lanju

Friday, 10/08/2012

Pilot Studi Lanjut Usia Purworejo 2011: Mempelajari Permasalahan Kelanjutusiaan dengan Metode CAPI

Pada akhir Juli dan awal Agustus 2011 lalu, SurveyMETER melakukan pilot studi mengenai lanjut usia di Purworejo.

Monday, 15/08/2011