Territorial Facilitation aims to create a selected growth-center area where SurveyMETER considers it has a responsibility toward regional development efforts. This output is related to the management of a social laboratory for SurveyMETER to test all instruments for empowering and strengthening public capacity in order to create evidence-based policies. The social laboratory is the main tool in joint advocacy programs with the SurveyMETER network. One of SurveyMETER's concentrations in this activity is to contribute to the government, especially local governments regarding the importance of data for policymaking. The concentration is carried out by identifying the growth center areas. The growth center area is a facilitation territory where SurveyMETER carries out mentoring commenced from the identification of problems faced, support for resource development and cooperation, especially partnership services in the fields that constitute the concentration of SurveyMETER's program.

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ECED Mentoring Program in Guwosari Village



The focus of SurveyMETER's assistance to Jatimulyo village of Dlingo sub-district and Guwosari village of Pajangan sub-District in Bantul district

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Program Pendampingan PAUD di Desa Jatimulyo



Mendampingi Perbaikan Tatakelola dan Perangkat Pembelajaran PAUD

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Semi Annual Survey dan Monitoring Kualitas Data CSO Mitra SUM2 Program



SurveyMETER melaksanakan tugas pendampingan dan mentoring kepada Civil Society Organization (CSO) mitra SUM2 Program.

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Mentoring ECED Teachers in Jatimulyo Village in Understanding How to Manage Institutions, Making Daily Activity Plan (RKH), and Creating Educational Game Props (APE) from Natural Materials and Used Goods



As a follow-up to the ECED mentoring agenda in the Village Assistance Program, SurveyMETER held an ECED Teacher Capacity Training on Monday, March

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CSO Assistance for SUM2 Program Partners



The SUM2 (Scaling up the HIV Response Among Most-at-risk Populations) program is a kind of support and cooperation between the Governments of Indon

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Village Mentoring Program 2013



SurveyMETER Sharing Knowledge in Bantul District

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Program Activities of Knowledge Sector 2013



SurveyMETER fulfilled the commitments to design, compile, and follow up on the self-initiative (independent) research and mentoring activities.

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The implementation of TAF in SurveyMETER



July 2010 SurveyMETER was selected as a participant in the Knowledge Sector Development Program for the policies implemented by T