CSO Assistance for SUM2 Program Partners

Wednesday, 13/03/2013SurveyMETER

SurveyMETER meeting with SUM2 Program at Hotel Padjajaran Bandung on October 11, 2012 ago. (Photo: Doc. Iip-SM)

The SUM2 (Scaling up the HIV Response Among Most-at-risk Populations) program is a kind of support and cooperation between the Governments of Indonesia and the United States in efforts to control HIV in Indonesia, which began in 2010 to 2015. This collaboration has actually been started in 1993 until 2010 through HAPP (HIV/AIDS Prevention Project, followed by ASA I Program (2000-2005), ASA II Program (2005-2010).

The SUM program aims to improve the overall management capacity for NGOs in Indonesia that focus on HIV/AIDS, with a long-term objective of improving access and quality of comprehensive service for communities vulnerable to and affected by HIV/AIDS in Indonesia. The support provided by SUM will focus on 3 things. First, to increase the technical capacity and organizational performance needed to carry out active, comprehensive, integrated, and sustainable interventions impacted on increasing service utilization and changing the behavior of high-risk groups in a significant and measurable manner. Second, to increase strategic information management capacity to respond to HIV/AIDS issues in high-risk groups. One form of assistance for this strategic information aspect is integrated biological and behavioral surveillance as well as monitoring and evaluation. Third, to provide and monitor financial support to civil society organizations/NGOs to encourage the expansion of effective, integrated, and sustainable interventions in high-risk groups in areas where large populations of MARPPs and high rates of HIV transmission exist.


To be able to have a significant impact, the SUM2 Program works in a number of cities in 8 provinces with the highest MARPs (Most-at-risk Populations), namely DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, North Sumatra, Riau Islands, Papua, and West Papua.

In-depth interview carried out by the SurveyMETER team, Henry Setyo Nugroho, with the Bandungwangi Foundation, October 10, 2012. (Photo:Dok.Iip-SM)

SurveyMETER Engagement

SurveyMETER was involved in the SUM2 program starting October 2012 for an initial period of 1 year, in its capacity for monitoring and evaluation of CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) working in HIV/AIDS control programs, as well as other providers (Penabulu, Satunama, and Circle, for organizational development and financial management). SurveyMETER provided assistance to 8 CSOs in DKI Jakarta and 7 CSOs in East Java. It was expected the involvement of SurveyMETER in the SUM program would encourage CSO sovereignty, especially in terms of monitoring and evaluation, specifically towards data production, data quality, data management, data analysis, as well as utilizing software for data entry programs..

SurveyMETER's role in the SUM2 program was more categorically to ensure a timely monthly CSOs reporting with good data quality; to build their capacities in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data for more effective implementation (cost and reporting) including the use of mobile-phone technology; to conduct periodic qualitative studies to them (by focus group discussions, for example) from key populations whose task was to identify barriers to service utilization; provide assistance in good data management for them including in reports; to assist and ensure the implementation of the 2013 Semi-Annual Survey carried out by CSOs.

The scope of activities carried out by SurveyMETER leads to developing a work plan for CSOs, especially monitoring and evaluation related to knowledge and skills; developing CSO capabilities, especially in monitoring and evaluation; developing tools for the implementation of monitoring and evaluation; developing web-based CSPro data; developing mobile phone technology for CSO outreach; assisting and developing the 2013 Semi-Annual Survey and Qualitative Studies for CSOs; and developing technical assistance to CSOs in conducting monitoring and evaluation. A concrete impression of SurveyMETER's efforts in this mentoring program was to assign 4 mentors: 2 in DKI Jakarta and 2 in East Java, namely Henry Setyo Nugroho, Oki Petrus Laoh, Rangga Fauzian Andika, and Angky Bayu Putrantyo, while the program coordinator is Dani Alfah MPA who is also the Coordinator of the Assistance and Development Section for the SurveyMETER Region. [DA/JF]