Need Policy Changes? Comparative Analysis of Efforts to Create Age-Friendly Cities in 14 Cities in Indonesia

In 2007, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched a global guide to Age-Friendly Cities (AFC).  This global guide is intended to help efforts i

Friday, 10/05/2019

Little Acts of Kindness for Older People in a Pandemic Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced our social system and make the world in a standstill.

Monday, 06/07/2020

Nasib Posyandu Lansia Saat Pandemi Covid-19

The Fate of the Elderly Posyandu During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Time is rolling past the fourth month since the Covid-19 case was first discovered in Indonesia.

Friday, 10/07/2020

Integrated Community-Based Elderly Services (Community Care Hub) as Solutions to Handle Aging Problems

There are many elderly concerns faced by Indonesia related to the programs that are already running.

Thursday, 29/04/2021

Older People’s Capacity to Work in Indonesia

“Older People’s Capacity to Work in Indonesia”

Tuesday, 30/04/2024