Local Governance and Education Performance

Tuesday, 07/06/2016SurveyMETER


In the end of 2012, SurveyMETER participated in Local Government Capacity Survey (LGCS). SurveyMETER introduces its field study called Survei Kapasitas Pemerintah Daerah (KPEDA). This is an Endline study of Basic Education Capacity-Trust Fund (BEC-TF) evaluation firstly conducted in 2009.

This study was supported by World Bank, European Union, Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Ministry of National Education Indonesia. This study was conducted by re-visiting 50 districts/cities samples in 9 provinces (worked in partnership with BEC-TF Program) to find out local capacity improvement after BEC-TF assessment. This evaluation study focuses on 5 strategic fields: Transparency and Accountability, Standardization on Education Service, Management Control System, Information Management System, and Efficiency in Utilizing Resources.  

The following soft copy link of study report published on October 2013: