Comparative Study on the Progress of 14 Elderly-Friendly Cities 2017 in Indonesia

SurveyMETER conducted an independent study on the progress of the elderly-friendly cities policy in 14 municipalities in Indonesi

Tuesday, 02/05/2017

The Eight Dimensions of the Regional Regulation are the Reference for the City of Malang in the Implementation of the Elderly Program

As the comparative study on the progress of an elderly-friendly city", conducted by the SurveyMETER research team.

Monday, 08/05/2017

Paparan sosialisasi dan penggalian data studi pada Selasa (2/05/2017) di Ruang Rapat Bappeda Kota Makassar.

Makassar City Plans a Sustainability Program that Refers to the 8 Dimensions of WHO Elderly Friendly Cities

Starting in 2017, the Makassar city government plans an elderly program that is in accordance with the 8 dimensions of an elderly-friendly city com

Friday, 12/05/2017

Presentasi pada Sosialisasi Studi di Bappeko Surabaya, Jumat 28 April 2017

In Surabaya, the Welfare of the Elderly is the Responsibility of the Government, Families, and Society

The city of Surabaya has strived for the welfare of the elderly by implementing a number of special policies aimed at extending the life expectancy

Tuesday, 16/05/2017

The results of the SurveyMETER study are taken into consideration by the Yogyakarta City Work Unit in preparing the Regional Long Term Development Plan (RPJMD) related to the Sustainability Policy

The study results serve as inputs for Bappeko and related government work units in the preparation of the Strategic Plan (RENSTRA) and the Regional

Sunday, 21/05/2017

Sosialisasi tim studi di Kota Mataram pada Selasa (2/05/2017) di Kantor Bappeda Kota Mataram

The Term of Elderly-Friendly City was Still Sounds Strange in Mataram

The term "the Elderly-Friendly City " is a brand-new phrase for the City of Mataram. It sounds strange to the ears of policymakers in the city.

Monday, 29/05/2017

Payakumbuh is an Example of the Elderly-Friendly City Program

SurveyMETER conducted an independent study to see the progress of the Elderly-Friendly City Policy in Payakumbuh.

Wednesday, 31/05/2017