Divisi Kajian SurveyMETER bertanggung jawab terhadap kegiatan-kegiatan ilmiah dalam bentuk pengembangan kapasitas baik internal maupun eksternal. Pengembangan kapasitas internal dilakukan melalui penulisan paper, jurnal, kajian, riset, policy brief, seminar, workshop, dll, yang dilakukan di lingkup internal surveyMETER sendiri. Adapun untuk kegiatan eksternal dilakukan dengan mengirimkan hasil tulisan (paper, jurnal, policy brief) ke publikasi-publikasi ilmiah baik nasional maupun internasional, menghadiri seminar, workshop baik nasional maupun internasional. Dari kegiatan ini diharapkan SurveyMETER memiliki publikasi pengetahuan sekaligus melakukan dokumentasi terhadap hasil-hasil penelitian yang dilakukan. Dan, pada saat yang sama terus meningkatkan kemampuan staf dalam melakukan kajian ilmiah.

Parenting in a pandemic: will Covid-19 boost equality in parenting?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced adjustments in every facet of life, including family life.

Tuesday, 01/12/2020

Being a companion for the elderly makes them and us happy

It doesn't feel like it's been 3 years me and 6 of my friends have become senior companions.

Friday, 09/10/2020

Little Acts of Kindness for Older People in a Pandemic Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced our social system and make the world in a standstill.

Monday, 06/07/2020

Dampak Covid-19 Terhadap Pendidikan Anak_ok

Impact of Covid-19 on Child Education

At present the world is stirred by the Corona Virus outbreak or COvid-19, Indonesia is no exception.

Friday, 03/07/2020

Pandemic and Environment Burden

Regional quarantine and activity restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pande

Friday, 26/06/2020

Managing COVID-19 Infection in Regions

Until early June 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic entered its fourth month since the first

Friday, 19/06/2020