The Well-Being of Older Asians to the Fore

Wednesday, 15/05/2024

Study Report on Health and Older Adults Care Services in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY)

SurveyMETER supports the Karinakas Foundation in conducting studies using quantitative-qualitative (mixed) methods involving local-domestic residents to collect data on the situation and conditions of the older citizens population.

Wednesday, 06/09/2023

Lessons Learned from Efforts to Support Strengthening Inclusive and Accountable Services

SurveyMETER, in collaboration with PUSKAPA UI under the support of KOMPAK, the Australian Government, and the Ministry of National Development Plan

Monday, 17/10/2022

Cover laporan studi UMi

Report: Economic Resilience and Digital Adoption among Ultra-Micro-Entrepreneurs in Indonesia

From August to September 2021 SurveyMETER in collaboration with Women's World Banking conducted a Study of Economic Resilience and Digital Adoption

Monday, 11/04/2022

Measuring The Quality of MoRA’S Education Services

In 2019 SurveyMETER for the trust of the World Bank and MoRA carried out the Indonesian Education Service Indicator Survey (SIPP).

Saturday, 09/01/2021

The 7th Wave of World Value Survey Indonesia

The World Values Survey is designed to test the hypothesis that economic and

Monday, 27/07/2020

Report on the Results of the Study on Individual Deprivation Measure (IDM) in Indonesia 2018

SurveyMETER released the results of the 2018 Individual Deprivation Measure (IDM) Study in Jeneponto and Pangkep districts, South Sulawesi, Indones

Thursday, 16/07/2020

Laporan Hasil Studi Demensia di Bali 2018

Encouraging the Birth of a Senior Citizenship Policy (2018 Bali Dementia Study Results Report)

The elderly who do social activities or work have a much lower prevalence of dementia compared to the elderly who do not work or engage in any soci

Sunday, 15/07/2018