Episode Study of Age-friendly city in Balikpapan

Thursday, 16/06/2016SurveyMETERNi Wayan Suriastini, Arnaldo Pellini, Bondan Sikoki, Jejen Fauzan, Setyo Pujiastuti, Sukamtiningsih


SurveyMETER and Centre for Aging Studies at the University of Indonesia conducted an assessment of age-friendly city in 2013. Several months later, the dissemination of the result was done in the sample cities including Balikpapan. It was inspiring the emerging of Balikpapan’s declaration to become age-friendly city in June 2015 in accordance with the Rencana Aksi Daerah (RAD or regional action plan) Balikpapan Becoming age-friendly City by 2015-2030.

How this study can inspire policy in Balikpapan fast? SurveyMETER investigated it through an episode study. The result can be downloaded here.