Two of Ten Elderly Have Dementia when Entering Age of 70 Years Old: Evidence from Dementia Study in Yogyakarta

Author : Dr. N.W. Suriastini, M.Phil*, Dr. Yuda Turana**, Firman Witoelar, Ph.D*, Bondan Supraptilah, SE., MA*, Teguh Yudo Wicaksono, Ph.D*, Endra Dwi M, SEMonday, 14/03/2016SurveyMETER

Life expectancy of Indonesia has increased in the few decades; it has now reached the age of 70 years. As age increases, the risk of degenerative diseases, like dementia is also increasing. As many as 60-70% of dementia cases are Alzheimer's disease. However, there is only limited information on the prevalence rate of dementia in Indonesia. Early detection of dementia and knowing its prevalence rate is very important especially, since in most progressive case of dementia, including the Alzheimer's disease, there is no known cure. Download