Logistic Unit Coordinator

Dra. Sukamtiningsih, M.Hum.

Sukamtiningsih has joined SurveyMETER since 2002. She completed her master's program in Anthropology, the Faculty of Literature, Gadjah Mada University and currently holds the position of logistics coordinator at SurveyMETER. He also has a special interest in aging studies, especially regarding dementia. Projects that have been undertaken include: Indonesia Family Life Survey 4, Household (IFLS-3 HH), Micro Foundation of Health and Development –Worker Iron Supplementation Evaluation Project - House Hold & Community and Facility, Post Implementation Household Survey and Impact Assessment of Second Water Sanitation for Low Income Communities Project (WSLIC-2 Project), The Study of Elderly Well-being in Nursing Homes and outside Nursing Homes, Studi Evaluasi Program Penanggulangan HIV AIDS di Papua dan Papua Barat, Studi Demensia (Alzheimer) di Yogyakarta, Survei Observasi Intervensi Program Transparansi untuk Pembangunan (T4D), Baseline Survey to Assess Bus-Related Policy Intervention to Improve Female Labor Force Participation in Jakarta.