Research Staff

Jejen Fauzan., SH.I.

Jejen Fauzan has joined SurveyMETER since 2007. He completed his graduate study at Madzhab and Law Comparison, Faculty of Syar’i, UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta and now currently works as researcher. Fauzan has been involved in several projects: PNPM-KDP Impact Evaluation Survey 2007, Indonesian Family Life Survey 4, Household (IFLS-4 HH) 2007, Baseline Data collection for the Impact Evaluation of Total Sanitation & Sanitation Marketing (TSSM/STOPS) In Indonesia 2008, The Effectively Targeting Anti-Poverty Programs (Endline Survey) 2008, Indonesia Sanitation Survey 2011 in East Java 2011, The Based Line Basic Education Capacity-Trust Fund (BEC-TF) / Local Government Capacity Survey (LGCS) 2012, Annual Survey SUM2 Program 2013, Indonesian Family Life Survey 5, Household (IFLS-4 HH) 2014.