Ripi Mardhini

Administration and Human Resource Unit

Ripi Mardhini, S.Sos.

Graduated from the Sebelas Maret State University in Surakarta majoring in Sociology in 1995. Started to enter the research world since 1997 with his first project IFLS-2 or the Indonesian Household Life Aspect Survey (SAKERTI) followed by IFLS-2 + in 1998 and IFLS-3 years 2000 involved in data collection in the field as well as data cleaning processes in the office.

Joined SurveyMETER since it was first established in February 2002 and has been heavily involved in surveys conducted by SurveyMETER such as: Survey Micro Foundation of Health and Development – Worker Iron Supplementation Evaluation Project (WISE),   Survey DAFEP (Decentralized Agricultural and Forestry Extension Evaluation Project), Survei Dampak PNPM-KDP, Basic Education Sector Capacity Support Program, Survei Pelayanan Minimal (Minimum Service Standart Costing Survey 2009), Survey SASMI atau Study of Tsunami Aftermath and Recovery (STAR), Survey BERMUTU (Better Education through Reformed Management and   Universal Teacher Upgrading Project) 2009, Survei Dampak PNPM-KDP 2010, Survey WSLIC2 atau Water and Sanitation for Low Income Communities Survey (WSLIC-2 2010), The Effectively Targeting Anti-Poverty Programs (Endline Survey 2010), Studi End-line of Social Marketing and Information Promote of BOS Program 2011, dan Survei Monitoring untuk mendukung Program BOS 2011.