Henry Setyo Nugroho

Research Staff

Henry Setyo Nugroho, S.H., M.I.P.

Born in Jakarta and graduates of Law, Pancasila University Jakarta, Nugroho joined SurveyMETER in 2004 as data entry and cleaning specialist for Bali Economy and Social Transition Study (BEST). Since then, he involved as team supervisor for DAFEP (Decentralized Agricultural and Forestry Extension Evaluation Project), PNPM-KDP Impact Evaluation Survey 2007, baseline data collection for TSSM/STOPS survey in Indonesia, Local Government Capacity Survey (LGCS) or BEC-TF (Basic Education Capacity-Trust Fund), Program Basic Education Sector capacity Support, MSS Costing Survey, Understanding Effective Disease Control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influence in Indonesia and Indonesian Family Life Survey 4 Project (IFLS 4).

Next, Nugroho worked as field supervisor for BERMUTU project (Better Education through Reformed Management and Universal Teacher Upgrading Project), School-based Management Survey, Water Sanitation for Low Income Communities (WSLIC2) Study on Skill Development, BOS KITA Survey, Scaling up the HIV Response Among Most-at-risk Populations (SUM2 Program) USAID, and more studies. He has completed his magister education from Government Study at STPMD-APMD Yogyakarta. His research interest is public policy.