Bu Wayan

Executive Director

Dr. Ni Wayan Suriastini, M.Phil.

Ni Wayan Suriastini (MPhil Public Policy RAND Graduate School and PhD in Population Policy from the Gadjah Mada University) is a researcher and the Executive Director at SurveyMETER. Suriastini has been involved in large scale household, community, facilities and local government surveys for over 28 years. She has played key roles as survey manager or team leader of more than two dozens surveys including multi-purpose surveys, RCTs, impact evaluations and has a vast experience managing both quantitative and qualitative surveys in all parts of Indonesia. Research focus health and wellbeing  early life education, ,  maternal and child health, age friendlycommunities and healthy aging. Among other studies, The Indonesia Family Life Survey (IFLS)1, IFLS2, IFLS2+, Study of Tsunami Aftermath and Recovery (STAR), Transparency and  for development (T4D), MCC Indonesia Nutrition Project Impact Evaluation, The Individual Deprivation Measure.