Ibu Bondan

Dewan Pembina

Bondan Sikoki, S.E., M.A

(MA, Sociology / Population Science, University of Michigan, 1979) is the field director for IRMS2, IFLS2, IFLS2 + and IFLS3. She is also the field director for Work and Iron Status Evaluation (WISE), a large scale iron supplementation experiment in Central Java, led by Elizabeth Frankenberg and Duncan Thomas (PIs at IFLS2 and 2+, who will be consultants for ISLS4), funded by NIA , and from a new survey in Aceh, to study the impact of the tsunami.

Sikoki has extensive experience wor

king with RAND on large-scale quantitative surveys and has written many studies with Frankenberg, Thomas and Strauss and is a co-author of a book written with Strauss about changing the living standards of Indonesians. She has more than 25 years of experience managing surveys in Indonesia and 5 years of experience working with CPPS at UGM. As a co-PI on IFLS4, Sikoki works primarily in locations in Indonesia, leading efforts to test survey instruments, recruit and train field staff, and oversee field work.


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- The Individual Deprivation Measure (IDM) study