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IFLS East User's Guide and Field Report

      Sikoki, Bondan, Firman Witoelar, John Strauss, Erik Meijer  and Ni Wayan Suriastini ( December 2013). Indonesia  Family Life Survey East 2012:  User's  Guide and Field Report.  Yogyakarta, SurveyMETER(PDF)

This document describes the design and implementation of IFLS East and provides a preview of some key results of the Indonesia Family Life Survey East 2012. It describes the sampling design of both the Household and the Community and Facility Surveys, the response rates, as well as the burden to the respondents. The document also discusses the data structure, identifiers, and how the sample weights were constructed. 


additional documentation:

       Satriawan, Elan,  Jan Priebe, Rizal Adi Prima and Fiona Howell (2014). “An introduction into the IFLS-East 2012:  Sampling, questionnaires, maps and socio-economic background characteristics”. TNP2K (Tim Nasional Percepatan Penanggulangan Kemiskinan).   (PDF)

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DOCUMENTATION                 PDF            DESCRIPTION                 
All documentation iflse12_alldoc         All documentation in a single zip file
Main documentation    iflse12_doc IFLS East User's Guide and Field Report       
HH PQX hhe12_pqx    IFLS East HH Questionnaires
CF PQX cfe12_pqx IFLS East CF Questionnaires
HH Codebook hhe12_code IFLS East HH Codebooks
CF Codebook cfe12_code IFLS East CF Codebooks







Survey Data

All data iflse12_all All data in a single zip file
All HH data hhe12_all All HH data
HH data: Book K hhe12_bk IFLS East control book
HH data: Book 1 hhe12_b1 Household consumption
HH data: Book 2 hhe12_b2 Household economy
HH data: Book 3A hhe12_b3a Individual adult Part A
HH data: Book 3B hhe12_b3b Individual adult Part B
HH data: Book 4 hhe12_b4 Individual female adult
HH data: Book 5 hhe12_b5 Individual child
HH data: Book Proxy hhe12_b3p Individual adult Proxy respondents
HH data: Book US hhe12_bus Health Measurements
HH data: Book EK hhe12_bek Individual Assessment
Tracking files hhe12_track Htrack and ptrack
All CF data cfe_12 All CF data
CF data: Book 1 cfe_12_b1 Desa/Keluruhan characteristics 1
CF data: Book 2 cfe_12_b2 Desa/Keluruhan characteristics 2
CF data: HIN cfe_12_hin Prices - Information
CF data: HPS cfe_12_hps Prices - Market
CF data:HTW cfe_12_htw Prices – Warung and store
CF data:INF cfe_12_inf Public Perception
CF data:PKK cfe_12_pkk Desa/Keluruhan Women's Group (PKK)
CF data:Posy Lansia cfe_12_posylansia    Community health post for elderly
CF data: Posyandu cfe_12_posy Community health post (Posyandu)
CF data: Private Practice cfe_12_pra Private health practice
CF data: Puskesmas A                 cfe_12_pus_a Community health center/sub-center (PuskesmasA)
CF data: Puskesmas B cfe_12_pus_b Community health center/sub-center (PuskesmasB)
CF data: School cfe_12_sch Primary and secondary schools
CF data: Adat cfe_12_adt Traditional laws and community customs
CF data: Traditional cfe_12_tra Traditional practice
CF data: SAR cfe_sar  Service availability roster


Other Files

IFLS East Expenditure data    pceiflseast_12        Expenditure aggregates data and Stata do file