Mbak Arna

Staf IT

Nur Suci Arnashanti, S.Kom

Nur Suci Arnashanti bergabung bersama SurveyMETER sejak tahun 2002 sebagai programmer. Selama menjadi staf di SurveyMETER, Nur Suci Arnashanti atau biasa dipanggil Arna telah terlibat dalam banyak proyek antara lain: The Indonesia Family Life Survey wave 2,3 & 5, Micro Foundation Of Health and Development – Worker Iron Supplementation Evaluation Project (WISE), The Study of Tsunami Aftermath and Recovery (STAR), Formative Research on Menstrual Hygiene Management, Study of Youth Engagement in Cocoa Agriculture in Indonesia: Challenges and Prospects, Assessing Public Expenditure and Service Delivery for Universal Health Coverage at the Primary Care Level in Indonesia, Explorative Study of Effectiveness of Drug Rehabilitation.