17 November 2017

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Report on the Survey Results of Cigarette Rolling Workers in Indonesia 2016

The report on the results of the Cigarette Rolling Workers Survey in Indonesia was released. It was conducted by SurveyMETER in collaboration with the American Cancer Society (ACS) for the World Bank in October-December 2016. It is also known as the Household Survey of Kretek Cigarette Rollers in Indonesia. It is part of a series of research (3 in 1) with the Survey of Clove Farmers and Survey of Tobacco Farmers in Indonesia.

It was prepared in English by a research team from the three institutions including Bondan S. Sikoki and Firman Witoelar from SurveyMETER under two report titles. The first report is “The economics of tobacco taxation and employment in Indonesia: health population and nutrition global practice.”

The purpose is to analyze recent employment trends in the Indonesian tobacco industry and estimate the potential impact of the cigarette tax increase on employment in the tobacco manufacturing sector. It provides new evidence to contribute to the ongoing debate about the impact of rising cigarette taxes on employment in the tobacco sector.

The structure of this report is as follows: the first section provides an introduction. Part two provides a review of global evidence on the impact of rising cigarette taxes on population and economic health outcomes. The third section provides an overview of the cigarette tax reforms in Indonesia in recent years and discusses the Indonesian government's plans to reform the cigarette tax structure. Section four discusses employment trends in the tobacco industry in Indonesia, analyzes worker characteristics, and compares workers with similar sectors and socio-demographic profiles. The section also discusses the potential impact of the cigarette tax increase on employment by presenting the simulation results. The last chapter of the five discusses the results of the current debate on tobacco tax reform in Indonesia and provide policy recommendations on the employment aspects of the reform.

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